About Seven by MS Dhoni

Seven, a fitness and active lifestyle brand, fosters the free spirited youth of today and lives by the principle of revolutionizing the democratization of sports and re-infuse the true spirit of sportsmanship for a healthy lifestyle. Spread across various fitness categories of running, training and lifestyle sport, the collection encompasses a wide range of running and training footwear, apparel and accessories for both men and women. Each Seven’s product incorporates industry’s latest technologies across categories and blends to be a perfect combination of style with comfort.

About Rhiti Group

Founded in 2007 by the enterprising Arun Pandey, Rhiti Sports forayed into the world of sports marketing, celebrity & talent management and film & entertainment. RS Seven Lifestyle (P) Ltd is the retailing arm of the group, which offers active lifestyle products in the market under the ‘SEVEN by MS Dhoni’ brand.  For more information about the group, visit www.rhitisports.com.


Change occurs when you change a bus, a habit or a pair of shoes.Change can be common place, it can also be as tall as Mount Everest.But change doesn’t have to be about changing the world,it is enough to change even just a moment.Like when you offer your bus seat to someone who’s struggling, when you tell a flower you’re not going to pluck it today, or when you tell yourself, today is my day. The change we refer to is less about activism and more about an active lifestyle. And we call it Seven, the most lovingly designed range of shoes and apparel endorsed by none less than MS Dhoni.

Yes, that same guy who captained the Indian cricket team in winning our second world cup and first T20 world cup among many other great joys. When you try brand Seven, we encourage you to ask just one question: What can I do today that will make the room feel brighter, a heart feel nicer and the day seem less ordinary? When you answer that, you realise you don’t have to be a superstar or demigod to be all you can. And that’s when you know what it means to be a change maker.

#changemaker pledge

Brand Ambassador


Being on the field for more than a decade and bringing the team the grandeur it holds with his captaincy, Dhoni has proved time and again that he is one of the greatest assets to the Indian cricket team. Coming from a humble background, he created an awe-inspiring niche for himself that would stay for a very long time. Despite all that, what still captures one’s attention is his personality; his tranquil nature amidst all chaos – something which is admired worldwide. Young, fit and athletic, his new lifestyle brand suits his attitude right.